Civil War Tribute Quilt

Civil War Tribute Quilt
Another UFO

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fabric Books and Stained Glass

Well, new adventures!
My friend, Mary Jane and I went to a couple of stained glass classes over the summer.  We liked it so well that we bought supplies to do it at home.  We both put money down to purchase the grinder, which is the biggest expense, then I bought the cutter and a few other things and she bought the soldering iron and a few other things.  We worked last Thursday evening.  My soldering needs a lot of practice.  Cutting wasn't too bad.  That is what scared me the most during the first class.  Our grinder works really well.  I made an angel this time.  Mary Jane didn't get finished with her project.  She has a lot of little pieces, but it is looking really good.
I have discovered Fabric Books.  It is really not new to me, but it is something I want to start working on.  I joined a new Facebook group and it had over 800 members in just 2 days.  It is simply called Fabric Books.  So many people have posted beautiful pictures of the books they have made in the past.  Some are a little too fancy for me.  I have cut some leftover backing fabric into rectangles and marked pages on them.  I drew a butterfly on one page using a stencil that I had.  I plan on sewing scraps of fabric on the pages, embroidering, using the stitches on my sewing machines, applique', and writing scriptures on the pages.  I made a list of the books I would like to make.  They include:
   - Using the signature squares from our wedding
   - Psalms
   - Proverbs
   - 2020 Book
   - Quilting Samples
   - Crazy Quilt Blocks from swap
   - Applique' Blocks using Stained Glass Patterns
   - Letters

Some page ideas I had include:
   - Presencia Thread Samples
   - DMC Thread Samples
   - Other specialty thread samples
   - Sewing Machine Stitches
   - Stencils
   - Colonial Pattern Company Transfers

Well, that'a a start.  I have found some interesting ideas on the internet.  Including: 1 Year of Stitiches and Take A Stitch Tuesday (TAST).  TAST will start again in January, so I will try to follow them starting in January.  I have looked at some of their stitches and tried some.  They are really interesting and will be fun to learn.

I guess that is about it for now.  I will try to post photos of my progress with my Fabric Books and Stained Glass as I go.  I also need to start posting pictures of the quilts I have done, both my quilts and the quilts that I quilt for others.  Those are my goals for the future.
Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 2016

It's hard to believe that 2016 is almost over.  It has been an interesting year.  Full of ups and downs.  I guess every year is like that. 
Some of you, like me, are looking ahead to 2017.  Maybe setting goals, looking for a new job, a new start.  Maybe looking forward to retirement, a wedding, and new baby.  Whatever it is you are looking forward to, I hope it is better than anything you may be dreading in 2017.
Every year at my local quilt guild, we do a UFO Challenge (Unfinished Objects).  Those UFO's always haunt me.  What am I going to do with them when they are actual quilts?  Yes, I will be happy when they are finished, but what am I going to do with them.  Well, I decided that I have to list them on Etsy and try to sell some.  So, that is my goal for 2017.  To finish some of those haunting UFO's and to list them to sell on Etsy.  I do have some family members (mostly on my husband's side) that do not have quilts.  His niece and nephews decided to all have babies one year, so I got behind on the baby quilts.  None of the adults have one.  His brother has asked for one, so he will get one for Christmas.  I have one for one of his nephews, too.  But, there are still more to give. 
Anyway, I wanted to talk about the UFO Challenge for 2017.  I didn't do very well with the 2016 Challenge, in fact I didn't get a single quilt finished on time.  I did get one of them done and another one just needs binding (which is the one I want to give to the nephew, so got to get it done for Christmas), but the one that was done was not done on time.  It's not that I didn't quilt quilts, I did.  I quilted a lot for Quilters Journey (my quilt shop) and I had several customer quilts to do, still have one to get done.
So, Mary mentioned at the Quilt Guild meeting a few months ago that I have Tubs of quilt tops, which I do, I just don't let many people know that.  Now they know, at least the Guild and you.  So, for the UFO Challenge, we are to list 6 quilts and number them.  We roll the dice and which ever number it lands on, you work on that quilt for 2 months and try to get it finished.  You put in $6 when you turn  your list in.  If you finish your quilt on time, you get your $1 back for that quilt.  If you don't finish it, your money goes in to the "Pot".  At the end of the year, you get your name put in for the drawing for the "Pot" for each quilt you finish.  So if you finish all 6, you get your name in 6 times, if you finish 1, you get your name in 1 time, etc.  So, I donated all my money last year.  This year I am not going to donate all of my money!  Last year I had 2 lists.  Some years I have had 3 lists.  This time I have 3 lists.  They are all worded the same. 
Here are my lists:

1. A Quilt from Tub #1
2. A Quilt from Tub #2
3. A Quilt from Tub #3
4. A Quilt from Tub #4
5. A Quilt from Tub #5
6. A Quilt from Tub #6

So, I have to make any of 3 quilts from the tub that the number is rolled.  This time it was 2.  So, I pulled out Tub #2.  I took pictures, measured, and wrote down the quilt and measurements.  Here is what I have.  Tub #2 had 8 quilts in it. 

The first few pictures are of Tub #2 and as I opened it and took quilts out.  I laid them all on my quilt machine table to take a full photo of them.  I have a couple of Civil War Reproduction quilts.  Those will be the last to quilt because they are so large.  I have a couple of Lil' Twister Wall-hanging quilts, a Jelly Roll quilt, a Take 5 quilt, the "Make Do" Mystery quilt we did with the Salem Guild a few years ago, a Friendship Triangle Swap quilt from Quilt Sampler, and the last picture was a quilt that was not in the tub, but I saw it laying around and took a picture of it, too.  It is a quilt I bought off of Ebay a few years ago.  It is a pretty good size quilt.  Thought I would add it to the mix, too.  Shouldn't take long to quilt it.  I have already quilted the "Make Do" Mystery quilt.  It still needs to be trimmed and binding added.  I will do that later.  I have too much to do before Christmas.  I am making my nephew a quilt.  I have to finish the binding on it.  I have a quilt for Chris' (my husband) nephew that still needs binding, which I mentioned earlier.  It was one of my UFOs last year that didn't quite get done. 
Finish!  I think that will be my word for the year 2017...FINISH.  That is my goal.  To finish as many quilts as I possibly can.  I want to get my 6 tubs down to 1 tub at the most.  Maybe 0 tubs!  Wouldn't that be great!  We shall see!
Visit again to see my progress through the year.
Happy Quilting!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Well, summer is almost over.  I start meetings on Thursday...actually, I had one today.  I meet with the new Boys PE teacher Thursday and Friday for the Mentor program.  So, I just have a couple of days left.  Planning on gong to Springfield tomorrow.  I took my sewing machine in to have serviced while I was gone to Moldova and I need to pick it up and take my old machine in to be serviced.  I don't remember how long it has been since that one was serviced. 
I have been working on a demo for the Rolla Quilt Show on the Quick Curve Ruler since I have been home.  I cut a quilt out one day and had it finished the next day.  It is on my quilting machine right now.  I should be quilting it, but I'm being lazy. 
I finished a Quick Curve Quilt for our hostess' daughter in Moldova and took to her.  Here is a picture of her and me with the quilt.  I think she liked it.

I was looking over my list of things to do this summer and I didn't get very far with it.  I am keeping the list and am going to try to work on it through the Fall.  I did not get any cleaning done, as you can probably tell.  Not my favorite thing to do.  Oh well...

Until next time...

Happy Quilting!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Panel Quilts

Do you have panels that you bought to make a quick easy quilt and then once you got them home, you thought, "What am I going to do with this?"  I think several of us have been there, done that.
I designed two quilts from one panel over the past year.  This is supposed to be a class at Quilters Journey, and it will be this Fall.  I still have to write the patterns for the quilts.  The idea is two quilters can work on the two quilts together and then they will each have a quilt when they are finished.  Or, one quilter can make the two quilts and give one to their friend and keep one.  I finished these two quilts last month and showed them at our Third Saturday Sampler in June.  We had several sign up for the class.  One lady, who will be President of the guild in Rolla was there.  She later told the lady in charge of programs next year about it and suggested they ask me to do a program next year on making quilts with panels.  So, the lady called me and I agreed to do a program on designing and making quilts with panels.  Since then, I have been obsessed with panels.  My first thought was, "I need to go buy panels!"  Then I started looking around.  I have several panels and fabric to go with them to make several examples!  No need to buy more (although I have already!).  I have been researching and there are not very many books on using panels for quilt making.  Maybe there will be another one in the future.  There are several examples online, such as on Pinterest.  That has given me lots of ideas.  So, all those panels I have already purchased have come out to play and one has already become a quilt top (still deciding if it needs another border) and another one is in progress.  Three more panels have been purchased.  They will  not have to wait too long to become a quilt.  Two more are in the design process (two panels I already had).
That's what I have been working on.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Already Marking Off

I am already marking things off my Summer List.  Went to school and cleaned out my office.  It had been a few years since it has been this clean.  I also did my end of the year check out list.  Glad to get all that done. 
Tomorrow I take Mom to her doctor's appointment in Springfield.  I will not be doing much on my list tomorrow.  But, I will work on finishing painting the gym the rest of the week. 
As far as my quilting list goes, I have so many quilts to finish!  I will need to work on customer quilts first.  I was at the shop this morning and saw that Geriann brought another small quilt in to have quilted.  So, there is another one to go on the list.  Plus I need to finish Stacey's Grandma's quilt before I go see Marcia, so I can take it to Stacey when I go see Marcia.  Which is what I think I will work on tonight.  I also need to finish Phil's quilt.  Just redoing some of the side to go.  Maybe work on it first and then Stacey's Grandma's quilt.  Would like to have it finished by Thursday so I can take it to the Quilt Guild and turn it in as a UFO finish.  Time to get to work.
Happy Quilting!

First Official Day of Summer

Today is the official first day of summer vacation.  The last day of school was Friday and I missed it.  Aaron Pole Vaulted at the State Track Meet, so I went because I had to take the poles up.  Savannah vaulted on Saturday and also threw the discus, so I stayed up there Friday night for her stuff Saturday.  When I got home from that, Chris and I went to St. Louis, spent the night and went to the Cardinal Baseball game Sunday afternoon.  We got home last night around 7:30.  I am glad to be home for awhile.  It is good to get away, but always good to be home. 

I saw someone posted a list they had made with their kids with their summer plans and called it their "Summer Bucket List".  I thought that was a great idea!  How many times has the summer gone by and I didn't do half of what I had planned on doing because I forgot or got too busy with other things?  Well, this is going to be my last "Summer Vacation", because I am planning on retiring after next school year.  So, I have to make it count.  There are always so many things I want to do and never seem to find the time to do them.  Maybe because I don't make a list.  Oh, I make lots of lists and I love to make lists.  I even follow my lists.  But, I have never made a summer list.  So, I am going to start it now. 

Summer List (If it is in red, it is done) (Added items in blue)

1.  Clean house
     a.  Clean out cabinets
     b.  Clean out pantry
     c.  Clean quilting room
     d.  Clean sewing/computer room
     e.  Clean bedroom
     f.  Clean out closet
     g.  Clean out basement
     h.  Get rid of one bag of stuff each week

2.  Quilts to quilt
     a.  Lori's 4 quilts  +1
     b.  Henry's quilt - needs binding
     c.  Mary Jane's quilt
     d.  Geriann's 2 quilts + 1 small quilt + 1 small quilt (1 Large quilt-binding)
     e.  Quilt for quilting ladies at church
     f.  Kim Diehl Quilt
     g.  Celtic Solstice Quilt (need to re-do borders)
     h.  UFO quilts
          i.  Pastel Trip Around The World - due in August
          ii.  10-Miute Block #2
          iii.  Log Cabin Heart Wall-Hanging - due in June
          iv.  Bowtie Quilt
          v.  Chris' Storybook Farms - due in August
          vi.  Large Bowtie Quilt
          vii.  Pastel Log Cabin - due in June
          viii.  Merrily's 3rd Saturday Sampler
     I.  Trim Mom's Quilt and get to her
     j. Tumbleweeds - Judy Niemeyer Quilt

3.  Quilts to finish piecing
     a.  CRSQG Mystery Quilt
     b.  1st Saturday Quilt from last year (Eleanor Burns Quilt)
     c.  UFO Quilts
          i.  Loyal Union Sampler Quilt
          ii.  Twist and Turn-Ugly Fabrics - due in August
          iii.  Miniature Paper Pieced Diamonds
          iv.  Underground Railroad - 6" - due in June
          v.  Underground Railroad - 12"
     d.  Idaho Farm Girl - missing blocks!

4.  Quilts to finish for Quilter's Journey
     a.  3rd Saturday Sampler
     b.  Block of the Month Quilt
     c. Friendship Quilt - Needs Borders
          i. Write Pattern

5.  Things to start
     a.  Sue Spargo Wool Applique Butterflies

6.  School Stuff
     a.  Clean out office
     b.  Finish Painting Gym
     c.  Do summer check out

Okay, there is the start of my Summer List.  I know, it looks like a lot to do.  I guess I have to plan my time wisely.  I am actually starting with #6 today.  These are the things I have to get done this week at school.  I am doing a. and c. today and then b. Wednesday - Friday.  Hopefully I can get the gym finished this week.  If not, I guess I will have to finish next Monday. 
Well, I guess I'd better get started!  It's going to be a busy summer!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

What I Quilted This Week

Last week I spent all week quilting my projects.  I got several quilted and didn't feel guilty about it.  This week I worked on customer quilts.  I had 13 things to do for others at this time last week.  I quilted 1 for Alyce, 2 for Geriann, and 2 for Carolyn.  That brings me down to 8 things to quilt for others.  Here are some pictures of what I quilted this week...

This is Alyce's quilt.  It is for her future great granddaughter (someday).

Very simple and "modern".  I quilted the words that are in the white fabric on the blue strips.




Here it is all quilted.  I also did the binding, but forgot to take a picture before she picked it up.

This is one of Geriann's.  I call it her "fish" quilt.  I drew a pantograph of circles (bubbles). 
 I still have to finish the binding on this one.

Here's a closer picture so you can see the circles I quilted.

This is Geriann's second quilt.  It is paper dolls.  So cute!

Here's a close up so you can see the quilting.

Here's a picture of the back of the quilt.  I quilted it in bright pink and green. 
I just finished the binding tonight on this one.

Here are Carolyn's table runner and table topper.  I put them both on the machine and quilted them at the same time.

Here's the table topper closer.

Here is a close up of the table runner.  I still have to finish the binding on both of these.

I have a quilt on the machine for Wounded Warriors now.  I will take pictures tomorrow of it and post next week.  I have one more charity quilt to do.  I may do it after the Wounded Warriors quilt. 
I still have 2 more quilts for Lori, a lap quilt and a wall-hanging for Carolyn, and two snowmen quilts for a new customer to do.  Guess I will be working on those this week.  I hope I get them finished so I can quilt on some more of mine. 
I finished piecing a disappearing 9-patch today.  It still needs borders, but the center if finished.  I started it yesterday.  So easy to do.  Still sewing on the Urban Pods quilts. 
That is it for now.
Happy Quilting!