Civil War Tribute Quilt

Civil War Tribute Quilt
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

What I Quilted This Week

Last week I spent all week quilting my projects.  I got several quilted and didn't feel guilty about it.  This week I worked on customer quilts.  I had 13 things to do for others at this time last week.  I quilted 1 for Alyce, 2 for Geriann, and 2 for Carolyn.  That brings me down to 8 things to quilt for others.  Here are some pictures of what I quilted this week...

This is Alyce's quilt.  It is for her future great granddaughter (someday).

Very simple and "modern".  I quilted the words that are in the white fabric on the blue strips.




Here it is all quilted.  I also did the binding, but forgot to take a picture before she picked it up.

This is one of Geriann's.  I call it her "fish" quilt.  I drew a pantograph of circles (bubbles). 
 I still have to finish the binding on this one.

Here's a closer picture so you can see the circles I quilted.

This is Geriann's second quilt.  It is paper dolls.  So cute!

Here's a close up so you can see the quilting.

Here's a picture of the back of the quilt.  I quilted it in bright pink and green. 
I just finished the binding tonight on this one.

Here are Carolyn's table runner and table topper.  I put them both on the machine and quilted them at the same time.

Here's the table topper closer.

Here is a close up of the table runner.  I still have to finish the binding on both of these.

I have a quilt on the machine for Wounded Warriors now.  I will take pictures tomorrow of it and post next week.  I have one more charity quilt to do.  I may do it after the Wounded Warriors quilt. 
I still have 2 more quilts for Lori, a lap quilt and a wall-hanging for Carolyn, and two snowmen quilts for a new customer to do.  Guess I will be working on those this week.  I hope I get them finished so I can quilt on some more of mine. 
I finished piecing a disappearing 9-patch today.  It still needs borders, but the center if finished.  I started it yesterday.  So easy to do.  Still sewing on the Urban Pods quilts. 
That is it for now.
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Quilt

Saturday I decided to start a new quilt.  It is called Urban Pods.  The pattern uses the Quilt Curve Ruler.  I also decide to use the fabrics I bought in Moldova the past two years on this project.  I would like to offer a class using this ruler at the shop.  We have ordered rulers, but they have not come in yet.  Should be here this week.  We have several patterns at the shop already, but the rulers were back ordered.

Here are some strips I cut from the fabrics I bought in Moldova.  The lightest blue on the far left I bought 2 years ago.  The white, pink, and blue with yellow I bought last year.

Here is the pattern I am doing.  It is called Urban Pods.  It uses the Quick Curve Ruler.  I did not take a picture of it, but you can find it at this blog:

Here are my pieces all cut out, ready to be sewn together, by my sewing machine.  I think I cut enough for 2 quilts.  Which was the plan.  The fabric from Moldova is twice as wide as what we get here in the United States.

It is an easy, gentle curve to sew.  Not too bad.

This is my pile that is sewn together ready to be pressed.
Sewing a few more pieces.  One side has already been sewn on this block, now doing the other side.

See, easy curve sewing.

The end of one curve sewn.

Here is my pile that is ready to be pressed.

These are the first four I did as a practice run.  It seems easy enough.

Press toward the center piece.

Front side pressed.  It looks a little wonky, but that's okay.  They will all be trimmed later.

Here's my pile of pressed blocks.  I will trim them later.  If I trim now, I will want to put them together, so I need to wait.

As I pressed, I had some company.  Here are my faithful companions this summer. 
Lady is on the bed, napping (of course!).

Licorice is on the floor, also napping!  They are always close by, no matter where I am in the house.

As I work through this quilt, I will post more pictures.  I will try to post some pictures of the ruler.  You use it to trim the blocks, too.
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's Summer

Yesterday marked to official first day of summer.  We have been out of school for almost a month.  Summer vacation seems to go by really fast.  Why is that?  I don't feel like I have done a whole lot.  Summer plans never seem to get accomplished.  But, what plans did I have for this summer?  Quilt as many quilts as I can.  Prepare for the Moldova Mission trip.  Go to summer PBiS training.  Well, I guess I have done one and are still working on the other two.
I have been quilting a lot this last week.  Monday I finished a quilt for Lori.  I think I have quilted a total of 12 of her quilts over the past year.  I still have 2 of hers to do and she is working on another one.  After I finished Lori's quilt, I quilted a baby panel that is my next UFO on my small quilt list.  I had 3 sets of flannels that I was going to quilt to make baby quilts.  I bought one yard for the front of the quilt and about 1 1/2 yards for the back of the quilt and binding.  I quilted all three of those.  Then I quilted a Chevron quilt that I made to put on etsy to sell.  I finished quilting it Friday.  So, I got several of my quilts done last week.  Now I have to bind them.  Binding is sewn on 3 of them.
Next week I have to focus on other people's quilts.  I have several small projects for Carolyn to finish for her.  There are 2 wall-hangings, 2 table runners/toppers, a pillow case (finished last night), and a quilt.  I have 2 quilts for Geriann to quilt.  And, a lady brought in 2 quilts for me to do that she needs for Christmas.  Plus the Lori's 2 quilts.  That makes 11 quilts for others to do.  I also have a Quilts of Valor quilt to do and a quilt for the ladies at church to quilt.  Now I am up to 13.  Wonder how many I can get done this next week.  I guess I should set a goal, but I won't.  It would be nice to get half of them done, even better to get them all done. 
Well, it's almost time to go to church.
Happy Quilting!